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Why The Next 36?

Our Vision

At The Next 36, we believe that by fast-tracking the development of Canada's most talented young innovators, we will help create industry-changing businesses and grow Canada's long-term prosperity.

What We Do

The Next 36 transforms exceptional students into high impact entrepreneurs. Each year, we choose 36 young Canadian innovators and challenge them to build a new business venture.

Over seven months, they are mentored by Canada's top business leaders, taught by some of the world's best faculty, and work to earn funding from venture capitalists.

  • A World Class Education

    Learn from award-winning professors as they deliver courses directly applicable to your venture.

  • Mentorship

    Receive personal advice and venture guidance from Canada’s top entrepreneurs.

  • A Phenomenal Network

    Build life-long relationships with Canada’s brightest entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

  • Investment

    Earn up to $65,000 in seed capital for your venture from top Canadian VCs.

  • A Direct Line to the Experts

    Connect to subject matter experts on anything your venture needs.

  • In-kind Products and Services

    Get complimentary services for your venture from our business and technology partners.

We accelerate people.

We are looking for students and recent grads with an entrepreneurial track record and the potential to build something big. Our goal is to accelerate your individual growth so that you can become a high impact entrepreneur sooner and help grow Canada's prosperity. We provide you with a multitude of resources, surround you with talented peers, and put forth challenge after challenge, with the expectation that you will fail often, learn quickly and leave the program with dramatically increased expectations of what you can achieve.

You've got potential. Now take it to the next level.

  • Get hands-on startup experience by building a venture from ground up.
  • Learn critical business skills in masters-level courses taught by world class faculty.
  • Be inspired by top Canadian entrepreneurs as they share stories of their successes – and failures.
  • Collaborate with and learn from impressive peers from across the country.

Launch a real business.

The venture you start during The Next 36 is not an academic exercise - it's a real opportunity to create impact. As a founder, you will work with your team to identify and pursue an opportunity, design products, hire employees, make sales, raise capital, and a hundred other things that you'll realize you'll need to do to grow your company. The Next 36 brings together resources to help you build your venture sooner, smarter and faster.

Turn your ambition into impact.

  • Form a team with talented peers from across the country.
  • Set milestones for your ventures and receive up to $65,000 of seed capital.
  • Apply knowledge and insights from our world-class faculty directly to your business decisions.
  • Avoid mistakes with guidance from your mentors and industry advisors.
  • Focus on what's important by taking advantage of complimentary business services from our growing community of partners.

The ultimate network.

You can't build a great business without the support of a community of other entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and advisors. The Next 36 is backed by over 300 of Canada's top business leaders, who are committed to making Canada more prosperous by supporting promising entrepreneurs like you. Throughout the program, you will have opportunities to meet people who could become clients, investors and connectors for your venture.

The relationships you build during the program last a lifetime. Next 36 alumni stay in touch with their mentors, start new ventures with their peers, raise new rounds from investors, and develop lasting friendships. Our alumni community will become an important place to go for advice, support and feedback for new ideas.

Great entrepreneurs are supported by great people.

What to Expect in The Next 36

Applications Open

Online, July 23rd until October 27th

Answer a few questions about yourself in a short written application and video interview. If you want to be your venture's technical lead/founder, you will also complete a programming challenge. You can also indicate other applicants you hope to work with at this stage.

Application FAQ

Early Application Deadline

September 30th

Apply early for an extra chance to receive an invitation to National Selection Weekend and an opportunity to start ideating sooner with other keeners like you.

Final Application Deadline

October 27th


Throughout December

80 finalists will be invited to National Selection Weekend. You will meet with fellow finalists – in-person or online – to discuss ideas and identify potential co-founders before Selection Weekend. You can request finalists who you wish to work with, although the final decision on team formation is made by the Selection Committee.

Team Formation FAQ

Entrepreneurship Institute, Phase I (National)

January until May, remotely

While completing your academic year, you will work remotely with your co-founders and mentors to start building your venture. You participate in online classes and have a number of checkpoints where you can pitch for seed capital.

Entrepreneurship Institute, Phase II (Summer)

May to August, in Toronto

During Phase II, you work full-time on your venture while attending exclusive networking events and over 100 hours of tailored classes. There will also be pitch opportunities with top VCs and angel investors. By the end of the program you will have a larger and more diverse network — one that is committed to you and your business.

The Next 36 classes are delivered by internationally acclaimed faculty and Canadian business leaders, directed by Ajay Agrawal, one of the University of Toronto's top-rated professors at the Rotman School of Management. The courses will provide you with a strong foundation in startup strategy and tactics, and expose you to new ways of thinking about problems and opportunities.

Venture Preview Night


At Google Canada, you will pitch in front of investors and business leaders who get a sneak peek of your startup before Venture Day. This is a great chance to get feedback and start a relationship with select investors interested in helping grow your company.

Alumni Events


Although the program ends, you are forever part of The Next 36 alumni community. Every few months we hold special events for alumni, where you can network with your peers and entrepreneurs from other years.

Application Webinar

August 14, Noon - 1pm EDT

Have questions about The Next 36? Want to learn how to strengthen your application? Have your questions answered by Next 36 alumni and staff.

Watch the webinar

National Campus Tour

September and October 2014, at a campus near you

We'll be visiting campuses across Canada to give you a chance to ask us and our alumni questions. Join us at your campus:


October 3 and 4th

Compete with developers from across Canada to secure an invitation for National Selection Weekend and score some sweet prizes.

Read About It

National Selection Weekend

January 15 - 18, Toronto

Finalists from across the country converge in Toronto for an intense weekend of interviews, workshops, speakers and idea generation. The Next 36 Selection Committee will choose 36 entrepreneurs to accept into the program. Teams are formed and introduced to their mentors to strategize for the months ahead.

Watch What It's Like

March Showcase


You will present an update on your venture's progress and receive feedback from your mentors and advisors.

Move into Residence

Early May

Your co-founders and peers arrive in Toronto and move into residence to work on your venture for the next four months.

Residence FAQ

Prototype Day

Early May

With everyone finally together, you will pitch your venture prototype and receive feedback from a network of peers, mentors and other members of The Next 36 community.

Venture Day


The program culminates with a showcase of The Next 36 and The Next Founders ventures. Hundreds of investors and business leaders attend, and hundreds more watch online. You will graduate from the The Next 36 and high-performing participants will be recognized with awards including the Outstanding Venture Award.

Watch last year's webcast

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